Oct 12, 2016

They say when you no longer like what you’re doing, then all you have to do is to stop and gain a new perspective. They may even suggest that you quit altogether. But here in Bag Cupid, we say it differently. Want a new perspective on your bag collection? We say, “Just Quilt!

Dooney & Bourke Crossbody

Nevermind the logo all over. We love this bag not because it’s a direct advertisement that you have a high class bag, but because of its sleek design. Although some may prefer a bulky crossbody, if you are a minimalist in terms of silhouette, then get this one. It’s easy to carry on the side and with the gray quilt design, you don’t have to fret on the style points. This canvass bag is perfect for your daily casual or if you want to make your formal dresses more laid back for every day fashion. (Add a denim jacket and strap sandals too!)

Foley + Corrina Tote Bag

For the dark minimalist with a touch of leather seduction, we present to you the Foley + Corrina Tote bag. Spacious, smooth and elegant --- this bag is meant for the everyday errands. But don’t get it twisted, this bag is also for the style. The quilted design gives it that additional style element for your ensemble.

Michael Kors Crossbody

Now this is just one fabulous fashion assault after another. The striking red, golden chain detail, python pattern and quilted leather material --- this bag is just ready for the hard and edgy biker chick persona that you have been harboring inside.
We love how the chain detail intertwines with the quilt material, giving the general shape of the silhouette more amplification. This makes it more interesting than just the usual rectangular figure.