Jan 05, 2017

Traveling is a priceless experience they say, but according to Kathy Van Zeeland it starts under $60. Check out these chic travel bags that you can enjoy but in function and in style:

Kathy Van Zeeland Blue Carryall

The Queen of carryalls if we can say. We are loving the dynamic shape of this Kathy Van Zeeland piece. Semi-bucket bag look with a twist of shoulder bag strap lengths, this is all about comfort and ease in terms of a bag piece.
And with the additional facts that it has multi-pockets, studs and silver hardware, it’s not hard for us to imagine that this can sit next to you on your bus trip as you go around beautiful Singapore or Malaysia. This bag clearly had your organization needs in mind as well as the need for bling.

Kathy Van Zeeland Floral Carryall

One might think that a carryall like this would cost more than the carryall earlier. But such is the giving nature of Kathy Van Zeeland.
Aside from being an obvious carryall, it has an option of being a small luggage. With a disappearing handle, it’s going to be easy to pull around as much as it is also easy to become stylish with this exotic floral pattern. Great for light trips or even down to your heavy ones, this zipper closure bag is perfect for both security and ease.

Kathy Van Zeeland Khaki Shoulder Bag

We have said it before, and we will say it again, be a little cocky and get some khaki. Enjoy this Kathy Van Zeeland shoulder bag for your travel buddy. With multi-pockets as a feature and some gold charms dangling about, you know that organization and bling will never be a problem. It’s also a bit big less than 14 inches, so you know you can put a lot of your essentials and other incidentals along the way.