Jul 16, 2016

Symbols of coercion and power, chains have always been among the favorite accessories of designers. And, we can't deny their functional side, but this season, fashion houses have used them for their style potential. Even if you're not a fan of metal accessories, the chain-strap handbags of 2016 will convince you that the luster of metal details is not only suitable to create a rock look, but also a casual glam one.

Boho Style Chain Strap Handbag

The 70's and chain-strap handbags are two of the most important trends of the season, but you will not be forced to choose between them to outline your trendy look. This season, designers have attached chain straps to boho style bags, creating dramatic, but equally bohemian looks.

Mini Chain-Strap Handbags

This spring don't be afraid to combine incompatible elements to get a trendy look. Designers combined diaphanous handbags with the weight of massive chains, and they look great!

Handbags with Chain Handles

In 2016 designers dramatically changed their registry starting with the spring season: austerity gave way to opulent details, and the chain-strap handbag is one of the most relevant examples of this tendency. This fashion statement can't be overlooked!