Aug 25, 2016

Jacquard fabric has been present for quite some time. And you can’t really deny the reason why it has lasted this long --- it’s stylish and a very sturdy piece of material. This takes “woven fabrics” to a whole new level. And just like the bead accents for bags, jacquard material can also be done in various forms. It can have a laminated treatment down to the raw open one. But whatever your preference is, jacquard bags will definitely unleash your style like a “jacquard” should. Here is our top 3 picks.

DKNY Satchel

If the word “DKNY” doesn’t sell this to you, then maybe the features will. This bag has multiple pockets, a zipper closure in the middle and two open sides inside. This is perfect for both easy access and leaves a bit of security. It also has detachable straps. So when you get tired of carrying this around by hand, attach the straps and get your crossbody feature on!

Tommy Hilfiger Shoulder Bag

Always aiming for the classic, Tommy Hilfiger gave birth to a wonderful simple silhouette and amped up its design with a visual print. Just like the first bag, this has multiple pockets and has the two open sides and closed zipper in the middle. Although it’s not convertible into a crossbody just like the first one, the flat straps of the shoulder bag should be enough to make this easy to carry all day.

Calvin Klein Hand Bag

We must admit. This would be our favorite among the three. We love the unusual silhouette that this bag has. It has that “broken abstract” shape all over it. And with the subtle monograms all over the bag, amidst the item’s general black hue, it’s just the perfect balance of statement bag without the overkill.