Dec 16, 2016

The city is the “concrete” jungle they say and if you have to survive, you have to know what kind of animal you are. Are you sneaky like a python? Fast like a cheetah? Elegant like a giraffe? The list can go on. And to help you manifest your persona even better, you need to earn your “stripes” along the way. So to help you decide, what kind of sexy city animal you are --- here is our list of some animal printed bags for you to consider:

Coach Zebra Pattern Wallet

Fast, quick and alert --- the Zebra is one of the most popular creatures in the animal kingdom. Elegance of the horse with a pattern that is undeniably memorable. The black and white stripe of this animal probably have inspired the chevron pattern. Either way, if you want to show people that you are always alert of your finances, as much as you are fast about your fashion decisions, then take this Coach wallet with you. Go and show how your style can only be black and white.

Ivanka Trump Leopard Tote

The leopard has been one of the most coy kitty cats of the jungle. She can be as lazy as she wants one moment and pounce on you the next. And what makes her even more lethal is the claws that she carry --- and to her that’s just a small nail.
So if you are like this animal --- unpredictable yet full of power --- then go get this tote to represent who you are. This Ivanka Trump Leopard Tote just exudes, “don’t play with the big cats, if you can’t handle the claws”.

Armani Jeans Crocodile Back Pack

As we have previously mentioned in one of our articles here, “Don’t be vile. Wear crocodile.” And while some may say crocodiles are one of the oldest “monsters” of the Earth, for us here in Bag Cupid, the creature symbolizes subtleness with a burst of impact --- just like this Armani Jeans Back Pack. So if you are looking for that image, then make a style story with this one.