Nov 07, 2016

In the fashion world, being called a “fossil” is a bad thing. It means that you’re old and you need to be buried deep in the ground, never to see light again. But if there is one thing that everyone should know about being a “Fossil” is that once it’s dug up, being one is priceless. You have outlasted the test of time and are now here to be adored. Such is the brand “Fossil” itself. Check out our picks for you to love and hold forever.

Fossil Cheetah Crossbody

If this doesn’t remind you of the Stone Age, then nothing else will. At the first look, we are reminded of Fred Flintstone’s tunic. Translated in modern times, you will be wearing the same thing, but only on your side in bag form. Perfect for those tops, denims and boots kind of days (or maybe sneakers?).

Fossil Gray Studded Heart Shaped Wallet

Nevermind Rose’s blue diamond that has been tossed into the sea. If there is one heart that has great value that needs to be unearthed (in this case, bought in a store), then Fossil’s Gray Studded Heart Wallet is your next jewel to keep. Made of leather and gold hardware zipper, you can be sure that the glam factor is there, as well as the security.
As the saying goes, for this one? “never let go”.

Fossil Red Bucket Bag

Well, if you are going to do some digging, you need a bucket to go with you. In terms of “goal digging” however, then a literal bucket may not be as fashionable. So try Fossil’s Red Bucket bag instead. Classic red leather with drawstring and fringe design --- you can’t go wrong in taking this one home to serve you in your styling needs.