Jul 11, 2016

Just like any life choice, your bag is a reflection of your personality (and current lifestyle). And if you are a Michael Kors woman, you know that it’s all about being strong, stylish and independent. But don’t get lost in the sea of powerful women, each bag is as unique as you. So the question stands --- which Michael Kors bag are you?

Rhea Backpack

Pink, perforated, zipper backpack with gold accents --- this Michael Kors backpack just spells “cool kid” who loves to travel from one part of the city to another.
If you are the type of woman that is into casual clothing and always on the go, this bag will not only serve your style, but your commuting needs too!

Greenwich Shoulder Bag

This fuchsia saffiano leather shoulder bag with silver accents just defines a career woman who knows what she wants and gets it in all of her femininity. Whether it’s from a power lunch to signing a career-changing contract, this woman is all about handling her business in perfect fun style. Just think of Samantha Jones from Sex and The City.
So if you are this type of woman, get your black dress out and some pump heels. With your skills, style and bag? You can definitely take on the corporate world in all of your feminine glory.

Jet Set Tote Bag

Simple and direct. This black shoulder tote bag declares how the owner is all about purpose and business. She doesn’t want to waste time and doesn’t want to fool you with a flamboyant personality. The strength of the design itself with its sharp edges and simplistic accents is enough to declare to the world that you are what they see and they better not mess with you.
The list can go on as many as there are MK bag designs. But that’s what’s amazing about it. Out there is the perfect bag that will capture your essence as a strong, stylish and independent woman. All you need is your personality, patience and a little time for shopping.