Jul 14, 2016

When you’re a modern career woman on the go, your everyday purse is basically your best friend. It holds all your essentials: makeup kit, wallet, umbrella, water bottle, your tablet or e-reader, a notebook or a book, your laptop, phone, chargers, and possibly even your lunch or a spare pair of flats to change into. That’s a whole lot of stuff.

The practicality of shoulder bags and tote bags is precisely what makes it perfect for the working gal. A shoulder strap will give you the ease of comfort as you go about your day. From your daily commute, lunch with your co-workers, to after work drinks, the shoulder bag will keep your necessities handy while translating as chic every single time. While utility is important, stylishness is equally important to the modern and sophisticated career woman, and that’s what makes shoulders bags so great. It can fit everything you need while fitting your style needs at the same time.

Coach has a wide and diverse range of shoulder bags and totes that appeal to every kind of working gal. There is the classic leather tote, seen here in the cognac color that provides a structured and polished look. You also have an option of going with a longer shoulder strap and a wide gusset; this type of bag fits more items while still maintaining a streamlined look. If you’d like something more fashion forward, a patent leather shoulder bag stands out even more and gives you a sleek look for work.

Don’t even bother about the fuss that handheld bags will give. Shoulder bags are the perfect antidote to the accessory woes of the contemporary working woman. Cross body bags are too casual for work, but these leather shoulder bags is just the ticket for mixing fashion and function for the ultimate chic work ensemble.