Jul 15, 2016

Wristlet and wallet --- two handy bags that are also essential to both your style and errand needs. A lot of people can actually confuse them for each other, but these two bag basics definitely carry their own unique details. And why are these details important? It will help you determine the right function of the bag that you actually need to use for your daily life. Here are the major differences:

Wristlet has a wrist sling, while wallets (usually) don’t.
Obviously, a wristlet is called just that because it has a sling detail that can be fitted to your wrist. Usually wallets, don’t have one or if they do, it’s usually a small one.
The sling attached on the wristlet is used to secure the bag unto your hand as usually, you can just carry this around all on its own, while a wallet is supposed to be inside another bag.

If you can fit more than just cash, cards and coins in the bag, it’s a wristlet.
Anything that just carries those things mentioned is a wallet. The first point ended with this note. Wallet is mostly used for cash, cards and coins. A wristlet, on the other hand, can have other stuff in it. If you can fit your keys, lipstick, sunnies etc. in there and it has a wrist sling --- it’s a wristlet. In fact, some wristlets can fit a wallet inside of them. So size is definitely a factor.

Wallets have more pockets and divisions in them than a wristlet.
Usually wristlets have minimal pockets inside. This is to basically accommodate stuff being placed inside of it. A wallet, on the other hand, has a lot of pockets and organizing details as it is used to organize your money.

The Verdict:
So if you are the type that is minimalist when it comes to the stuff you bring around, wristlets are good. But if you are a bag person and want another container for your financials then wallet is the better choice.