Jan 18, 2017

Love is always in the air and it doesn’t always have to be February. With that in mind, a designer caught a whiff of the fashion winds and made it into a brand. Love Moschino plays on the romantic side of bag style and we can’t help but to feel the burning desire that arises from within. Hopefully, you ladies will “love Moschino” too!

Love Moschino White Shoulder Bag

On a crisp white palette, we see a soft painting of a girl with roses, birds and the usual sash ribbon as if beckoning (Bag) Cupid to struck someone outside to fall in love with her. But with a saffiano leather material, chain and leather strap combination --- it doesn’t need Bag Cupid’s arrow to make this happen.
As the best kind of love happens naturally, this cute little shoulder bag is the perfect company for you to keep the romantic side of your outfit alive. With a touch of gold chain, there is a hint of luxury, but the strength of the construction of the bag states that she is tough enough to go through it all.

Love Moschino Black Backpack

If you needed a sign if love is on, then this backpack is the one you are looking for. Looking like a beacon of “love” with its simplistic yet striking design, you will never have to second guess about your bag love choices.
We can see this worn with the usual casuals, but if you want to add a bit of feminine chic to your fashion repertoire, we suggest a dress, boots and this backpack.

Love Moschino Red Handbag

If Bag Love is what you need, then we are here to deliver. This Love Moschino Red Handbag literally has “love” all over. With a smart statement and a clean silhouette, this bag can turn into a statement classic, without the fear of being lost to fashion oblivion. Stay in love and style relevant with this bag gem.