Sep 11, 2016

Futuristic bags --- while some might think of merging technology with fashion, we are thinking more on the lines of visual. When we think of the future, it has always been about the space age, the galaxy, and of course, those metallic silver fashion of the “supposed” aliens. And you know what goes well with that space age fashion? Some futuristic bags. Check it out.

Jack Rogers Mara Tote

Space cowboys anyone? This is more of a mixture of the future being on the “western side” of fashion. We love how the internal weaving detail of the bag gives it that little old west vibe, while the metallic sheen all over shouts about the future. The braided handle adds to its “hippie” tone, giving us the earth-chic vibe. It’s the fashion pull of the opposites that you simply just cannot resist. Grab it while you can!

Jessica McClintock Clutch

For the women who are looking for the space age vis-à-vis “The Great Gatsby” vibe --- this is it. We love how elegant this clutch is. The rhinestones just add to the glamorous touch of the silver.
And as we have said, we can imagine this in the roaring and fabulous fashion and party age of the West that is the 1920’s, but at the same time because of its metallic characteristics and the way the rhinestones are placed, we are definitely given that rocket age glam. Pair this with your simple straight cut dresses and comfortable heels and you are great for the night.

Marc Jacobs Backpack

Time to yell, “I’m going to an adventure!” But instead of going through the whole Shire, you are going out there in the urban space age --- well at least in bag form. We love how Marc Jacobs meshed futuristic undertones with the urban jungle. You will look flashy in your top and jeans combination with this bag on your back.