Aug 05, 2016

Dome bags are the not the usual choice. In fact, it is considered more for its statement-making attributes than the actual comfort of carrying it. We would rather have something a bit flat on our side as we go about our day, rather than a big chunky one. However, preferences have evolved and people have now adapted this “medicine man’s bag” to their daily lifestyle. But how do you know if it is for you?

Do you carry a lot of things around?

If the duffle bag is too big for you but still need a lot of space, then consider having a domed bag instead. Usual domed bags are made of hard materials that maintain their shape. There are times that some are even made with bones in, to make it stronger in construction.

How do you store your stuff? Upright or lying down?

If you have a lot of things that need to be stored upright, then get a satchel. For the opposite? The Domed bag is the perfect choice.
As stated earlier, the domed bag was before dubbed as a “medicine man’s bag” or “doctor’s bag”. Back in the day, the doctors used this bag to carry around their essential kits and medicine bottles that were small and prone to breakage. Translation to today’s times, this bag is more concentrated on the width space at the bottom rather than its height. So if your things can be stored “lying down” then this type of bag is for you.

Are you a handbag person?

Most domed bags are handbags. Although some have the option of becoming shoulder and a crossbody, consider this --- the chunkiness of the bag’s body may become a bit of a problem. If you are okay with having something massive on your side as you go about your day, then go ahead. However, if it is otherwise, other flatter crossbody or hobo bags would be a better choice.