Oct 31, 2016

When it comes to friendships, many would say that you should find your tribe and love them hard. And if there is one crucial fashion relationship you should be having right now, it should be with your bag. Speaking of which, here is a bag tribe that you may want to be part of right now.

Frye Tribal Tote

Show pride and showcase the colors of your tribe. If you are the type that likes to have fun and invoke the beautiful colors of the wind (yes, pun intended), then this Frye Tribal Tote is going to be your best friend.
Spacious, minimalist in silhouette and one of the most ecstatic color palette you could find, how can you not just take this and run with the wind? In perfect style, of course.

Rebecca Minkoff Tribal Shoulder Bag

Living in the city? Forever an urbanite? Then don’t fret. The black and white treatment of this Rebecca Minkoff number is up for you to show around. Like the construction of the buildings around you, this rectangular cowhide leather number maintains its shape, while you run around and do what urbanites do --- conquer the concrete jungle one promotion, bar and date at a time.
But don’t let the strong structure think that it’s not ready to go with the waves of your day. The simplistic tassels on the side and on the zipper is enough to give you that little movement of life in between.

Kavu Tribal Crossbody

This one is perfect for those who are into a more active kind of lifestyle. Whether it’s a travel to a different country or hike in the nearby mountains, this Kavu Tribal Crossbody is going to be your “buddy” throughout the ordeal.
The bag is small (less than 12 inches), but that’s the good thing about it. Not only is it easy to place across your body and side, it has enough space for the essentials as you travel.