Dec 20, 2016

‘Tis the season to be jolly --- correct that. It should be shopping. As everyone is dashing for gifts of the season, we are pretty sure your shopping bag is given more than the recommended daily “exercise”. When the time comes that you have to let go of your favorite and send her to bag heaven, we present to you your new style shopping buddy to take her place.

Coach Black And Yellow Dotted Wristlet

“It was an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot --- wristlet”. Yes. We updated the song. But we are pretty sure that if you had this piece you wouldn’t want to stay in the lockers all day. In fact, we would definitely think that you would take this Coach gem outside for everyone to see. A bit pop and youthful, this black and yellow dotted wristlet is perfect for those who are looking for some statement piece, while shopping and with credit card slots aboard, what more can you ask for?

Big Buddha Ecru Crossbody

As you shop for your gifts, you will need more than just your wits. Both of your arms should be free for all that shopping bags you are about to get. And with both hands busy, you will definitely need a bag that can just cling easily with you, without further stress.
Presenting Big Buddha’s Ecru Crossbody. Aside from its unusual square cut, the size of the bag is perfect for your shopping essentials like money and cards. And with a zipper pouch attached, you can also add your phone in the mix and maybe a lip gloss?

Anuschka Floral Wallet

But did we mention that it’s also a crossbody? That’s right, ladies. This wallet can easily swing not just on your wrist, but across your chest. And it is as if, the beautiful hand painted floral print on the wallet is not enough to carry your style to the next Holiday cheer, its smooth leather also adds additional visual texture.